Reducing our environmental impact

At Russell Richardson we are continually striving to develop our company through

improving our sustainability.


As a company we are focused on:

  • Reducing our environmental impact.
  • Taking our corporate social responsibility seriously.
  • Placing an equal value on people and nature as we do on growth and profitability.

Some of our achievements so far:

  • Over the past year Russell Richardson have reduced the carbon footprint of their vehicles by 18% with our routes carefully planned and fleet of vehicles dispatched for optimum efficiency.
  • Russell Richardson’s charity shredding and recycling service has raised over £10k for good causes in the past ten years.
  • We have been ISO 14001 certified for our environmental management system since February 2011.
  • Our shredded paper travels just 17 or 34 miles from our site in Sheffield to the mills for recycling into hygiene products.
  • Russell Richardson have implemented purchasing processes to ensure goods are purchased from local, ethical and fair trade suppliers wherever possible.

Some of our sustainability targets:

  • Russell Richardson are targeted to reduce overall carbon emissions by 20% by 2020 from the 2014 baseline.
  • Recycling schemes are on track to increase overall recycling to 75% by 2020.
  • Overall water consumption at our site is to be reduced by 10% over two years.
  • Procurement of Euro 6 rated vehicles and electric vehicles for use where possible.