Give your shredding star a break on us

Date: 2016-06-09

Do you have someone in your office who spends their time stood by the office shredder tirelessly feeding a few sheets at a time? Russell Richardson are looking for these shredding stars to give them a coffee (or tea!) break on us.

We love shredding in the Russell Richardson office but that’s because it’s so easy for us. With our industrial super shredder we can destroy around 6 tonnes of paperwork in an hour. We don’t have to stand and feed our shredder a few sheets at a time and we don’t get frustrated removing paperclips and staples, or even taking documents out of folders and wallets as our shredder takes it all! However, we know that there must be thousands of people who spend hours (15 minutes per week at the shredder = 13 hours a year!) painstakingly separate sheets of paper and feeding them in to an office shredder. We think these people deserve a break.

Russell Richardson have a limited number of ‘take a break’ gift packs to send to nominated shredding stars. Included in the pack is all you need for a relaxing tea or coffee break away from the shredder, a confidential waste sack and a discount voucher to be used on any of Russell Richardson’s shredding services.

To nominate your office shredding star to receive one of our ‘take a break’ gift packs, simply send the details of the person who does the most shredding in your office to and tell us why you think they deserve to be one of our shredding stars.