If a cabinet could talk.

Date: 2016-05-12

We all know that a confidential waste container can’t talk but if you’re wise enough to have one in your office, what is it actually telling people about your business?

A confidential waste cabinet, lockable bin, or sealable sack tells your customers, clients and suppliers that you care about their information and that you take your responsibility to look after their data seriously. As the public become increasingly aware of data protection and their rights, it is without doubt that we will all start to notice and look out for the companies that obviously care about our privacy and data. Those businesses who are not so up front and transparent should expect to be questioned by customers and looked upon with caution. A locked console or bin in your office makes a bold statement: we lock up our confidential waste, let the experts shred it and have the certification to prove it.

Using a shredding service also shows that your business cares about the environment. Russell Richardson send all their shredded paper to be recycled into soft tissue products and customers are provided with environmental reports and certificates to display.

To potential data thieves, a locked confidential waste container shows you’re not going to give them an easy ride. If a business is using a shredding service, they are generally data protection aware and have a policy and culture within the organisation to ensure information is kept safe.

To help our customers really shout about the fact that they’re looking their customers’ information, Russell Richardson are able to provide posters, pre-designed emails and news article templates.

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