Hugh pays a visit for his War on Waste

Date: 2015-11-10

In July this year Russell Richardson welcomed TV chef and personality Hugh Fernley Whittingstall to the company’s Sheffield site to help with his latest BBC programme; Hugh’s War on Waste.

The two BBC1 primetime programmes focused on changing the way we think about waste and during the filming and research, Hugh and the production team spent time at the Russell Richardson facility learning about confidential shredding and paper recycling.

During his visit, Hugh was given a tour of the secure warehouse and shown one of Russell Richardson’s state of the art onsite mobile shredding vehicles. Despite filming an in-depth interview with the shredding and recycling company’s sales manager, Colin Ashton, the production company ultimately decided to focus the two one hour programmes on food waste.

“It was a pleasure to work with Hugh Fernley Whittingstall and welcome him along with the Keo Productions team to our site,” said Colin Ashton. “He seemed genuinely interested in what we did here in Sheffield and staggered at the volume of paper we process and send for recycling in to tissue products. It is a shame the footage didn’t get used in the BBC1 programmes but the waste industry is so vast it was impossible to cover all aspects in just two hours. ”

Shredding services from Russell Richardson provide an environmentally friendly solution for disposing of confidential waste. Once securely destroyed, shredded paper is sent no further than 34 miles to local mills for recycling into tissue products. Along with certificates of destruction for data protection compliance, our clients receive recycling rates and environmental certificates.

“We also showed Hugh our textile shredding service,” continued Colin. “At first he seemed shocked to see clothing being destroyed until we explained this service was used by the emergency services and companies to prevent ID fraud and remove illegal products from the market. There will always be waste, but just like Hugh with his War on Waste, at Russell Richardson we are always trying to make people think about what they do with it and where it ultimately ends up.”

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