Employees willing to sell company data for just £100

Date: 2015-08-13

A recent poll by Clearswift has found that for just £5,000, a quarter of employees would risk their jobs and a criminal record by selling information on company patents, financial records and customer credit card details.

The study questioned 4,000 employees in the UK, Germany, US and Australia about their attitudes to confidential company data and data security, finding that 3% would be willing to sell information for just £100, rising to 35% if the price was raised to £35,000. Just 65% of the respondents said they wouldn’t sell data for any price.

Clearswift said such information can prove very valuable to competitors and criminals, and employee bribery is now seen as an easy way in, as security systems become more sophisticated and difficult to hack.

“Organisations need to ensure that systems are in place to prevent sensitive data leaving the company," commented Jonathan Richardson, managing director at document management company, Russell Richardson. "Paper documents lying around or in waste paper bins or data bearing devices such hard drives and memory sticks are easy targets for unscrupulous employees. Implementing a strict policy for correctly storing and destroying these items not only makes it much harder for those looking to profit from them, it is also much more cost effective than dealing with the aftermath of a data breach. For data that has to be kept for a set period of time, such as financial records or patient data, we would recommend storing these off company premises at a specialist secure facility, operated by a reputable company to minimise any risk of employee theft.”

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