50% of businesses do not recycle WEEE

Date: 2015-07-16

Despite the fact that waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) recycling can generate revenue for many organisations, a report published by technology market researcher BCC Research found that more than 50% of businesses are still not recognising the value in the WEEE they produce each year, treating redundant equipment as waste, rather than repairable, or reusable products.

Currently one third of the 1.4 million tonnes of WEEE produced in the UK is still sent to landfill and just 7% is reused, despite WEEE recycling often being profitable for the organisations who do have a business model that incorporates effective recycling.

For businesses interested in capitalising on WEEE as a revenue stream, while simultaneously helping to reduce the 500,000 tonnes of E-waste sent to landfill each year, Russell Richardson are able to offer complete end to end WEEE solutions and IT recyling services. Visit the WEEE service page on the website or call 0800 294 6552 for more information.