3000 records lost by NHS on memory stick

Date: 2015-07-08

The BBC have reported how East Sussex NHS Trust have written to more than 3000 patients after a member of staff lost a computer memory stick containing personal information that was later found by a member of the public. The data on the memory stick was not password protected.

The chief executive of East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, Darren Grayson, described the incident as an "isolated incident" and stressed that the trust takes the protection of patients’ information "extremely seriously".

“High profile incidents such as these highlight the importance of protecting data stored in any format,” said Jonathan Richardson, managing director of secure shredding company, Russell Richardson. “Data breaches in the NHS hit home to us all, but organisations of all sizes, in all sectors hold our personal information in various formats. The safest way for any organisation to ensure the data stays safe is to have the media containing confidential information safely destroyed and certified by a reputable company.”  

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