Paperwork remains the most common cause of data breaches

Date: 2015-05-06

Latest figures reported by The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) have revealed that loss or theft of paperwork remains the most common cause of data breaches, with 102 incidents reported to them in the last quarter.

The figures, published on the ICO website at the end of April, show trends in statistics for data breaches reported to The ICO by type and sector. Loss and theft of paperwork lead the type of breach figures followed by ‘Other principle 7 failures’ caused by non-compliance in terms of security.

The health sector reported the highest number of breaches during the last quarter, with 184 incidents, followed by local government with 49 incidents.

Jonathan Richardson, managing director at Russell Richardson, secure shredding specialists, commented: “These figures show the importance of secure document storage and shredding. Despite many offices claiming to become ‘paperless’, the risk of paperwork becoming the source of a data breach is as high as ever. It’s usually the confidential documents that are printed as hard copies and kept for records. There’s no technical knowledge required to retrieve the information on a paper document and clearly people are still taking the risk and not keeping data protection compliant.”

For all the latest figures published on the ICO website, see here.

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