Where does your electronic waste go?

Date: 2015-04-23

E-waste campaigners QAMP have released shocking images of west-Africa's vast electronic graveyards piled high with discarded appliances that have been illegally imported from all over the world (including the UK)

The images show young boys and men trawling through mountains of e-waste, to recover items they hope to sell on or dismantle for scrap metal.

“This is shocking on so many levels,” commented Jonathan Richardson, managing director at Recycling company Russell Richardson. “Not only are these e-waste landfills harmful to the environment, they are dangerous and toxic for the boys and men risking their lives to try and find scrap and items to sell on. Inevitably, some of this equipment will also contain data that could end up in the wrong hands.”

Many of the items seen in the pictures will be leaking toxic elements such as lead and mercury.  

“It is imperative that organisations use a reputable, licensed company to recycle and dispose of electronic equipment, not only for environmental and ethical reasons but also to ensure they protect any data contained on the equipment.”

Russell Richardson provide cost effective IT equipment recycling solutions from an Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AAFT). Their service includes full auditable asset tracking, recycling reports and certified data destruction.

Pictures and details have been published on the Daily Mail website. Click here for the full article.