Threats to data aren’t just digital

Date: 2015-03-11

A recent survey has found that despite businesses embracing the digital age and recognising the need to invest in cyber security, a massive 89% are still printing hard copies of documents for record keeping, with 45% of organisations compromising data by not always shredding sensitive information.

The survey, carried out by American company, Swingline, found a ‘false sense of security in the workplace when it comes to information security,’ and that despite employees agreeing that shredding documents is vital to protect confidential information, a surprisingly high number fail to take that simple step.

“All too often we see companies investing heavily in protecting information held on computers, servers and in the cloud, yet hard copies of the exact same information are thrown in the bin without a second thought,” commented Jonathan Richardson, managing director of secure shredding company, Russell Richardson. “Quite often employees see shredding as something not part of their job and a hassle, leaving sensitive documents hanging around or being thrown in the bin. A shredding service costs a small fraction of what most companies spend on digital security, yet protects the exact same data. If a company is investing in information security, they need to make sure all bases are covered and that includes what’s physically going in the bin.”

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