Selfies for Sale

Date: 2014-11-26

Avast, the Software download company has revealed that after buying 20 used phones off eBay, they managed to recover data from all of them, despite previous owners believing they had wiped the data.

By using forensics techniques, Avast recovered the previous owner's data including Google searches, text messages and pictures.

The company claims that of 40,000 stored photos extracted, more than 750 were of “photos of women in various stages of undress” along with 250 selfies of "what appears to be the previous owner's manhood".

Commenting on the findings, Jonathan Richardson, Managing Director at Russell Richardson said: “There is a big difference between deletion and secure erase and this is something we explain to customers on a daily basis. Russell Richardson are experts in data security solutions and customers selling their mobile phones to us can be assured that absolutely all their data is properly destroyed here at our secure site with certification then provided to customers.”

Russell Richardson’s mobile recycling service guarantees that customers receive maximum revenue for redundant mobile devices and includes certified data erasure as standard. See the mobile phone recycling service page on the Russell Richardson website for more details or contact 0800 294 6552 for further information.