Back to School Shredding

Date: 2014-09-01

It’s back to school for the teachers, children and staff at schools throughout the country as a new academic year begins. As the office staff begin to battle the paper work, Russell Richardson are offering to help lighten the load and keep schools data protection compliant with their confidential shredding service.

It’s a simple, cost effective service that doesn’t require a math teacher to work out the value. Most schools are overrun with paperwork containing pupil, staff and financial information, often taking up valuable classroom, office or staffroom space that all needs destroying confidentially. With resources stretched to the limit, staff don’t have the time to sort and shred documents which is where a console or sack and collections service from Russell Richardson starts to pay for itself. We can even provide consoles in your school colours!

Classroom clear-outs or a new school year resolution to keep on top of the paperwork, Russell Richardson can help clear the load, with the peace of mind that your pupil and staff data won’t drop in to the wrong hands.

Call 0800 294 6552 or contact us through our website to find out more about our ‘back to school’ shredding offers.