Walls made of shredded paper

Date: 2014-07-21

Academics from Nottingham Trent University have created a new construction material they claim is suitable for building walls, is as strong as MDF and is made from 80% shredded paper.

Made from a mixture of strands of shredded paper and a sodium silicate gluing agent, the materials are compressed at high pressures to make the composite fire and water resistant.

Apart from being quick to manufacture, the new composite can be moulded into various shapes say study leaders Dr Anton Ianakiev, of the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment, and Dr Anthony Crabbe, of School of Art & Design.

Dr Ianakiev, a senior lecturer in civil engineering, said: "It's very important that the materials of tomorrow are designed to be as sustainable as possible. Shredded paper, which is widely available, could become a viable construction material at a potentially low cost.”

Researchers from the university are confident that the new composite will be become an important material for the future and will be very appealing to the construction industry.