Insider threats cause more data breaches than ‘organised crime’

Date: 2016-08-25

With insider threats one of the biggest concerns for organisations when it comes to protecting corporate data, many are now recognising the need to implement a data security culture when it when it comes to preventing data breaches.

Too often data breaches are assisted or conducted by an insider, either inadvertently or deliberately. The 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey reported that as many as 75% of large organisations and 31% of small businesses suffered staff related security breaches in the last year. The report also found that human factors – accidental and deliberate, inside an organisation and within the supply chain – account for over half of all sources of a breach. This is over twice that of ‘Organised crime’ which was reported as being responsible for 23% of incidents.

Theft of documents or a redundant piece of IT equipment or media left lying around is an easy hit for a disgruntled employee or member of staff tempted by the financial gain to be had from selling on customers’ data. Luckily, not every organisation has a potential data thief on their payroll but lack of security procedures for securely disposing of data can leave an organisation vunerable to employees inadvertently leaving information easily accessible.

Having a strong, on-going data destruction regime, adopting on-going data destruction policies, and creating a secure culture that will support these policies is essential to reduce an organisations vulnerability to insider threat.

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