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Bulk Shredding

With over 38 years’ experience in the industry and operating from a central UK site, Russell Richardson have the capabilities and experience to deal with bulk shredding and destruction efficiently and securely, no matter what the quantity or material.


Our heavy duty primary shredder processes large volumes of material such as paper reels and wrappers, cores, palletised paper and other bulky waste with ease.


For customers with large volumes of commercial waste paper we are able to offer rebates, turning waste stream into revenue, paid directly back in to the business.   


    • Palletised paper
    • Archives
    • Print waste
    • Newspaper & Magazines
    • Marketing material
    • Cores
    • Reel covers
    • Wrappers
    • Packaging

For details on rebates for bulk paper shredding and further information, contact the Russell Richardson team on 0800 294 6552.