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With so many people self-storing and managing record archives in house, here’s 5 (excellent) reasons to consider outsourcing records managements to the experts.




  • Create valuable space. An obvious one, but an important reason none the less. Space is valuable and businesses usually have numerous other things they could do with the room used for storage. A company specialising in records management will maximise every inch of their storage facility. By doing this, prices are kept low and are usually more cost effective than using your own space.
  • Stay in control. Physically handing over records doesn’t mean that you have to hand over control. A decent records management company will have invested in software and scanning systems that allow customers complete visibility and control of their records via a customer portal. Through the system, customers should be able to see the location of records at any given time and request retrievals and destruction.
  • Improve security. Outsourcing puts the onus of keeping records safe on to the records management company. As with the tracking and barcoding software, a good records management company should have invested in the most suitable security for their facility and security check all their staff. It’s not just about the physical security, keeping records off site eliminates the risk of insider threats, one of the hardest data protection issues for companies to defend against.
  • Save time and improve efficiency. Many companies’ managing their records in house work from spreadsheets or use old processes that can leave them open to error and non-compliance. Valuable time is wasted searching for records, updating systems, processes and lists. Using a records management company helps to keep on top of destruction dates, so that records are not stored longer than necessary for compliance and financial reasons.
  • All the above = large financial savings! Time, space and efficiency all add up to more money for any business with data protection compliance eliminating the risk of a hefty ICO fine!

For more details on document archiving and records management services from Russell Richardson, see the service page on the website here, or contact 0800 294 6552.


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