We can’t all be GDPR experts

GDPR IMAGEIn the wake of the recent ransomware attack that hit the NHS, we’re seeing huge increase in the number of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ‘experts’ offering their advice and services.

It’s highly unlikely that Russell Richardson are the only company being inundated with offers of free trials and cyber security audits from GDPR compliance ‘experts’. Although we welcome any data protection awareness, we’re in an industry where we know that we should be cautious with some of these ‘experts’ claiming to be able to offer all round regulation compliance.

GDPR is the new regulation that will come in to force on 25th May 2018 and covers every aspect of data including how it is gathered, stored, used and disposed of, whether this be digital or physical data. With the scope of the regulation being so vast, concentrating on one area, such as cyber security will not be enough and an expert in one of these areas is unlikely to be an expert in all areas and able to guarantee compliance.

Russell Richardson are experts in physical data destruction and physical data storage and will happily provide advice and help in these areas. We can ensure the services we provide will be compliant with current data protection regulation and GDPR. At Russell Richardson, we don’t have the technical know how or resources to provide cyber security or advise on compliant marketing practice, instead we have a network of trusted experts in this area who we can call upon allowing us to concentrate on what we’re good at – storing and destroying data.

Our advice when it comes to preparing for GDPR is to identify all the areas you need to address and ask a trusted expert in each of the areas. Or, contact a data protection adviser, such as Matt Bruce at Bruce & Butler, whose area of expertise is to know the ins and outs of the regulation and is able to refer you to the right people to ensure that every base is covered.

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