Too many hats, too little time when running your business.

Recycling Flow croppedWhen running your own business there comes a time when trying to do everything and be everyone not only becomes too much physically, it can hinder the growth of your business. It’s easy to get bogged down with day to day tasks that swallow up valuable time that could otherwise be invested in building your business.

Shredding is one task that can be easily outsourced but is often overlooked by businesses of all sizes that believe that using a third party won’t be cost effective.

If you are running a business, you’re a professional person, skilled in what you do. While we at Russell Richardson profess to be experts in secure shredding your office shredding almost certainly doesn’t require your expertise or specialised knowledge in your area of business. Every minute you spend shredding is a minute of your time that could be spent using that expertise to grow your business.

From just £99 per annum (just £1.90 per week) you can outsource your shredding to Russell Richardson. Insured, secure, convenient and working to industry standards, a professional shredding company can free up some of that valuable time you’ve been searching for.

The alternative to outsourcing is recruiting someone to do daily tasks such as shredding. Paying minimum wage for someone to shred for just 30 minutes a week accumulates to £187.20 per year in wages alone. Before even including the cost of maintaining, testing and running a shredder; outsourcing still comes out on top as the most cost effective way to shred. Certification, data protection compliance and recycling are an added bonus!

Find out more about Russell Richardson’s small business shredding service here, or contact Kelly on 0800 294 6552 for more information.

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