Customer Survey 2015

At Russell Richardson we are constantly looking at ways to improve our customer satisfaction and deliver the highest quality service. This is why we use our annual customer satisfaction survey to help us see what we’re doing right and highlight where we need to improve.
Our most recent survey was sent out in January and the results are in. We’ve been …

90% of 2014 data breaches have been prevented

A new report by The Online Trust Alliance has revealed that over 90% of data breaches from 2014 could have been prevented.
The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) analysed more than 1,000 data breaches that resulted in data loss from 2014 before concluding that as many as 90% of them could have been easily prevented by simply strengthening internal processes and controls.
“Businesses are …

Why data protection needs to be a priority for 2015

Data is everywhere and remains highly profitable for identity thieves and costly for those they target. While online data breaches and hackers often make the headlines, many still rely on ‘old-fashioned’ methods like digging through your waste bins and looking for documents.
This is why document shredding remains an important tool in the fight against fraud and organisations cannot afford to …

Our 2014 highlights

With just two weeks left in 2014 I have been reflecting on Russell Richardson’s highlights from the past 12 months. As a company we’ve achieved a lot and come a long way in the last 36 years and 2014 hasn’t seen us rest on laurels or slowdown in any way.
A few of our highlights from the past year include:

Our new …