UK police forces not alone in needing our help

I was interested to read the findings from the recent audit of 17 UK police forces conducted by the Information Commissioner’s Office.
Only one out of 17 UK police forces achieved the highest possible assurance rating for data protection compliance with “security of personal data” and “training and awareness” being identified as areas of weakness. Not one of the forces …

Russell Richardson’s Wimbledon star of the future

After the disappointment of England’s early exit from the World Cup, focus has now turned to Wimbledon and here at Russell Richardson, we’re already backing a centre court champion of the future.
Meet Liana Sharratt-Blanksby. Proudly sponsored by Russell Richardson and at just seven years old, Liana is already looking set to be a future star of the ladies tennis circuit.
Along …

Whatever you’ve got – we’ll shred it!

It’s always interesting to see the range of enquiries we receive about shredding. While our reputation for shredding hard drives and uniforms is growing, so many people still regard us as the ‘confidential paper shredders’.
There’s not much we can’t destroy here – in the last few days we’ve been asked to securely destroy high quantities of music CD’s and a …

Information Commissioner talking on Radio 5

I have just heard the Information Commissioner on Radio 5 talking about tackling eBay over the recent security breach.
Unfortunately the lack of passion in his voice suggested to me that eBay’s lawyers will have nothing to worry about. He sounded like a politician hedging his bets.
What that office needs is a firebrand who will go looking for trouble and instill …